Less is More

A while back I saw this interesting color blindness test: http://www.cs.unm.edu/~aaron/creative/colorTest.htm

It reverses the test so that colorblind (dicromatic) people see something non-colorblind (trichromatic) people do not see.

After a presentation of ZooMorph to a group of art students I had last week, one guy came up to me and asked if it would be possible to use the ZooMorph iPhone app to see signs invisible to us.

I just realized that the colorblind test above is the proof that the answer is yes, and I also remembered that this is of course on of the main reasons why I am doing this project. To make us see things we can not otherwise see. Literally.

This is one of the test images from the test


And this is the same image as seen by a cat (using a zoomorph algorithm we are working on)


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