Zoomorph is a software-art project in development consisting of image and video filters that create simulations of how a large selection of non-human animals see; generating pictures that help us experience the world through the eyes of another species. The algorithms are developed with the assistance of scientists in the field of animal vision as well as "para-scientific" experts on animal vision such as animal communicators and indigenous spiritual practitioners. ZooMorph intends to inspire humans to work on aesthetic projects together with other species - interspecies collaborations, and to make us aware of, and if possible facilitate, an intellectual, emotional and spiritual partnership with the species around us.

The project is under development. A beta version of the project was released as an iPhone/iPad app in October 2013 and a web app will be released later in the fall.

This site contains descriptions of the project. It also functions as a research space for the project. However, we are working hard on getting the simulation software released so this site is rarely updated.
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