Mark Linggi, Student (Art and Zoology)
As an art and zoology major it has been my primary interest to relate the two fields together. I believe that animals have a distinct personality that is unique to each individual creature. My purpose is to explore and bring attention to the consciousness of animals so that humans may respect other life forms on this planet.

My background includes a diverse field of both zoology and art courses. I have studied: evolution of vertebrate morphology, deep sea biology, tropical ecology, as well as painting and drawing courses where I chose to focus on the subject matter of animals. Not only have I studied and painted animals, but I have also taken care of many different animals. Although not currently owning any pets, I have once owned and taken care of dogs, birds, fish, lizards, rabbits, hermit crabs, and cats. I have also volunteered at an animal rehabilitation center where I fed and took care of hawks, Canadian geese, chickadees, ravens, ducks, opossums, and other wildlife animals.


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