Week 3 Happenings
By Mark Linggi and Mallard Duck(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 00:08:59
Medium: Visual

So my idea was to follow the ducks around and hopefully get some inspiration by interacting with them. Unfortunately this only works when you can find the ducks. My luck with the ducks (no rhyme intended) has not been going too well. One day I did find one, but only one of the couple. I was climbing up to go to the advanced painting studio when I heard a duck quacking. Naturally, I stopped, looked down, and saw the male walking forward. I looked around, desperately searching for the female, but she could not be found. I felt said for the male duck because he just seemed to be walking and quacking. Normally their quacks are soften spoken conversations to one another, but since there was only one, he quacks were more constant and loud. It was as if he was calling for her name in a desperate search to find her. I climbed down the stairs, careful not to scare the duck, and started to follow where he was going. He walked forward a little bit towards the grassy area with the path. Along with the male, I too searched around to see if I could find or hear the female. But to no such luck for either of us. So now, every time we take a break from class, instead of going out and perhaps getting something to eat, I go straight to the path to check for the duck couple. I have heard that this is sort of their home, and I just want to make sure that the two found each other again.

At the moment, I am contemplating if this duck couple idea will work. I will continue to keep a look out for them and hopefully get inspiration from them, but I also might have to move on and pick something else. I know of a friend who has a dog. Maybe I could do something with her? But as much as I like that dog, I don't want to give up on my original hope. I want to follow and engage in the duck couple. Perhaps if I put up missing posters so that the two can be reunited? Its just a thought at the moment. I am still hoping that they find each other without my help.

I guess I'll check tomorrow.
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