Finally an encounter (Old Post)
By Mark Linggi and Mallard Duck(s)

Started on: 06/03/10 17:19:13
Medium: Visual

Just to reiterate what I have been doing, I have been writing my encounters when I actually see the ducks in a notebook rather and forgetting to upload my descriptions on the website (sorry about that!).

May 4, 2010

At long last I have not just the male duck, but the male and the female together. Once more, while in the art department, I was walking around when I saw both of them laying underneath a tree. It was an unusual feeling because for some reason, just seeing the two ducks together always makes me happy. I m not sure why, but they have always been apart of my school experience here, always making an occasion a bit more special. I sat with the ducks for a little while, trying to see what they would do. At a distance, they simply ignored me. However, I noticed that a couple of other people came up to the ducks, excited and happy to see them as well. While people came up, the ducks seemed to get scared and walked away. I noticed that they walked towards a tangled bush area near the side of the art department. While they are there, the female pokes around in the dirt, probably looking for insects or annelids to munch on. In the meantime, the male seems to look out, making sure that there is no one sneaking up to disturb them. Its as if these two ducks just want to be left at a comfortable distance while traveling everywhere.
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