Experiment with the Ducks
By Mark Linggi, Jennifer Lee Lin and Mallard Duck(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 12:41:00
Medium: Visual

So one day, Jennifer and I decided to sit with the ducks for an extended period of time. We noticed that they like to relax under the tree near the broken fountain, typically when it is a warm day. Jen and I sat a good distance away, trying not to disturb them too much. After relaxing in the sun with the ducks, we thought it would be interesting if we slowly moved up. We moved up slowly while the ducks remained sitting comfortably under the tree. More time elapsed and the ducks still were comfortable. This is when we decided to move up a little closer. With 2 more feet of getting closer, the male duck began to quack a little bit, as if he was warning us that we were getting too close. We quietly sat there, trying not to pay too much attention because we discovered that bothers them even more. We moved 2 more feet closer, and the male began to ruffle its wings in discomfort and began to quack again. We sat there a little while longer, until they once again became used to our presence. Soon after this final moved, Jen and I decided that it was time go.

The purpose of this little experiment was to get the ducks used to me. I didn't want them to be afraid of me, and so I figured if I showed them that I could sit there with them, quietly and not disturbing them, that they might understand. I wanted them to get used to me just sitting there, apart of their environment. I think eventually they became comfortable, but they are confronted by so many different people who just want to disturb them that I don't think it will be successful in the long run.
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