Just Ideas
By Mark Linggi and Ducks (Not Mallard)(s)

Started on: 04/15/10 00:22:58
Medium: Visual

As of right now, I have little direction of what I want to do. As of right now, I want to focus on the duck couple. For the past four years, I have seen two ducks, one male and the other female, in various spots around campus. Places include the arbor, the art department, manzanita pool, and the cliffs by campus point.

Seeing that I haven't focused on sculpture for a couple of years, I would primarily like to do some sort of artwork with paint. It was suggested that I paint the ducks' favorite scenes and then showcase it for the duck couple. I m not sure if I am going to stick with this idea or not. In the meantime, I guess that it is best that I just walk around and observe the ducks and hope for some inspiration.
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