Duck Stalker
By Mark Linggi and Mallard Duck(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 14:40:15
Medium: Visual

So I realized that I'm turning into a duck stalker.

Over Memorial weekend, I realized that I would be spending countless hours in the art room (and so I did. I spent over 20 hours in the painting studio). I also realized that I did not have good pictures of the ducks, just photos taken with my phone. So every time I went to the art room, I made sure I brought my camera.

The only problem was that I never saw the couple together. Instead of taking breaks inside, I would periodically go the the ducks favorite spots to check to see if they were there. I kinda realized how much of a stalker that really made me. I knew of the ducks habits, where they would be, and when they would be there. I guess its kinda creepy (or would be if the duck couple were human). Anyways, I did manage some okay photos of the male only. Perhaps the female is taking care of the young/on vacation/with a new set of young. I m not as worried as I was before because I know that I will see the two again together.

Plus Memorial weekend was cloudy. I noticed that the duck couple typically likes to go out on sunny warm days.

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