Duck Schedule
By Mark Linggi and Mallard Duck(s)

Started on: 06/07/10 12:54:06
Medium: Visual

Of the past quarter, I've noticed that the ducks kinda have a daily routine. Like most people, it varies day to day, but when the sun is out and it is a nice day, I would typically find the ducks following a certain path.

It starts out (or at least what I have seen) with them passing by the art museum office. There, one of the ladies feeds them some duck food and gives them some water. Next, the two ducks waddle over to the grass patch near the art museum. The waddle past the stair case, always to the right next to the wall. Typically I hear them quacking, but I guess that just depends how they feel that day. They reach the grass at an angle and always walk straight for their favorite tree. When the evening proceeds, or they are disturb, the ducks then move across the path and into these tangled bushes where they scavenge for food. I often pass by there at night, trying to see if they sleep there as well, but unfortunately I am unable to see them. I am hoping that I will be able to find out where they sleep at night, if it is in the art department, or if they just fly away.

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