Heather Sielke
Pet: Cat  Firefish  Green Mandarin  Seahorse
My first animal that I can remember is my cat Twinkle Bell which we got when I was 4 years old. She is still alive today 17 years later. She was born under my aunt's house. I love this cat so much but I like to always see how she reacts to different things. We bought another cat years later to let her have a friend but it was to her disliking. Becky is still with us even though Twinkle Bell did not like her. It is interesting to me that they are completely different and yet both cats. A few years back my neighbor gave me a beta fish and that is what started my family's "fish frenzy". The beta was just too evil to keep with any other fish and was given to a school class. Then we started to have goldfish but we saw all the different fish at the store and decided to have more then one tank. For awhile we raised these South American Cichlids and loved how they looked they were some of the most colorful docile fish you could get for the freshwater aquarium. We kept taking care of the 10 gallon freshwater tank when we took the plunge into saltwater and bought a 50 gallon tank. It took a lot of work but if was something we did as the family. In the tank we had at one point or another a dwarf lionfish, clarkii clownfish (a mated pair), a yellow tang, a powdered blue tang, many different gobies, and all sorts of other things (like corals and crabs and other fish). This went on for a few years we we started to think about seahorses. We had bought some at the store but for some reason they developed or had a disease and died just a few weeks after. We researched and researched and found a breeder that helped us. Now we have one tank which is a thirty gallon tall that we have specially constructed to house our one seahorse we have. It also has a Green Mandarin(which we have trained on frozen) and Firefish in the tank because both of these fish eat slowly. Seahorses usually like to be with another but she seems to be happier alone then she was when her brother was in the tank. It has taken us a lot more then what I can write to get where we are with our animals.


04/21/10 08:22:26 Thoughts of a Project

04/21/10 08:27:17 Marching On
  05/02/10 12:27:27 - Marching On to 1434
  05/29/10 17:18:20 - Location
  06/13/10 15:24:04 - During the Show

04/22/10 08:06:23 Just Keep Swimming

05/29/10 19:24:20 Dolphin Trip on the Condor Express
  06/13/10 16:04:19 - Want to see some more photos

05/29/10 19:57:52 Santa Cruz Island
  05/30/10 13:42:31 - Eagles

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