Just Keep Swimming
By Heather Sielke and Koi(s)

Started on: 04/22/10 08:06:23
Medium: Visual

I have been thinking lately about the animals that I have around me. On the campus in front of the UCEN is the Koi fish pond. It is in a weird place though and not many actually go down there to them. They love company. Sometimes I will just go down there to see them and read or relax and they come over and swim near me. I think I am going to try that exercise that Barbara taught us and see what they are trying to communicate with me. Maybe if they want more company more often I'll try and make it more known that the Koi fish are there. I see people feeding them everything which is weird because I even see a guy feeding them the goldfish crackers. When I visited them I actually would bring koi fish pellets around with me. I wonder almost if they are bored down there. Koi fish in the wild are swimming constantly in far distances not in circles. Koi fish size depends on the size of the pond. When I went to a Koi fish show once they had these huge koi that they kept in their lakes and would bring them to show people how amazing their koi were. The koi at UCSB aren't even half the size these fish were. So in some ways their growth could have been stunted because they were kept in the pond. Also to note not all of the koi in the lakes got huge but they were at least able to.
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