Dolphin Trip on the Condor Express
By Heather Sielke and Dolphin(s)

Started on: 05/29/10 19:24:20
Medium: Visual

I was so excited to go on the dolphin trip and see if any of the plans the class came up with would work. Then when we were on the boat heading toward the islands and we had not found any dolphins and I started to get worried that we would not see any dolphins. I was in the front of the boat when I heard Lisa yell out that we were approaching a large pod of dolphins and I became excited again. I thought about how we could now do something that not many others have been able to. When I listened to the video I shot I could hear the captain shouting out directions and laughing so from that I gather that no one has done this before on his boat. What I love best that it was exactly 1 minute before we discovered the dolphins that everyone on the boat decided to start thinking dolphin and playing the musical instruments and then we started seeing them. When we started trying to do some of the experimental collaborations they were kind of stopped because everyone just wanted to stare at the dolphins the only one that really worked was the one we put arms in the air whenever they came up and ascending and descending oohs and ahhs. I felt that when we did this one that the dolphins jumped higher and closer to the boat. When the boat stopped the dolphins would just pass us and were not into playing with us. The circles did not work as much as we wanted and I thought that we were going to go faster and that they would work better that way. The zig zag worked as much as going straight. I did not feel like we had that long of time there before we had to turn back. I had to take so many pictures to get them jumping because they move so fast. I saw so many babies with their mothers. I asked Tony if they had a certain season that they born in and she said they didnít. She also said that this was mostly younger dolphins next to the boat and that was interesting to me.

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Comment by meow! (06/06/10 17:53:03):
These are all great pics! I really like the top right even though there aren't any dolphins, haha

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