Marching On
By Heather Sielke and Ant(s)

Started on: 04/21/10 08:27:17
Medium: Visual

Sometimes I arrive early to class because Papermaking gets out an hour before so I sit and read next to the brick brace next to the class. There is a crack in the ground and there are always so many ants just traveling through the crack. I have a weird fear of tiny insects or arachnids and this doesn’t overwhelm me when I am near these ants. With ants it is more a fear of them climbing on me because in Florida when you saw ants in wasn’t sugar ants it was red ants and you knew to have a fear of them so guess I have just kept that fear. As I sit there every time I try and think about what I could do with the ants. I would be interesting to make them different paths and actually make “ant bridges” that they could use to get places. First I would need to know where they are going. I never see them with any food unless it is a crumb of food that have accidently or on purposely dropped. This is just something I was thinking of. Would it be easier for them to use a bridge to get from point a to b. Also this would alert people to their presence more and make them have a higher hierarchy which I think could be interesting.
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Project Updates
05/02/10 12:27:27 - Marching On to 1434

We got an update to when and where our show will be and so now I will be watching the ants near 1434 so that I can know how I need to build my bridges and where. Carol Gigliotti's visit to our class was quite interesting because she has such a wealth of knowledge that she was able to share with us. I found out some of the things that I need to research about this to make these bridges work for the ants.

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05/29/10 17:18:20 - Location

Found out we will be having our show at 1434 most definitely so I took photos of the outside where I found ants crawling across thinking that those would be the best areas to design the bridges for. I saw a bunch of ants crawling across the area in front of the gallery in the rocks. It seemed like a lot of energy is being wasted to crawl across of all those rocks going up and down just to get to the other side of the walkway. To me this seemed like the best place to put a bridge. So I counted out that the area is about two feet long. Then I looked next to the door and saw that there were ants that were crawling up the wall and decided that was another place that one could be built. All the time while I was taking these photos I was trying to feel out to these ants to see if they wanted a bridge. I definitely felt that these ants like the ants next to the class room wanted to be seen wanted more presence and also maybe an easier way to get across areas. At first I had never thought that the ants would use the bridges to get anywhere easier just that it would be a way to alert people of the presence but I can see how they could have multiple purposes. To me I think less usually of insects/ bugs because they scare me or just gross me out. I feel I definitely have speciesism. This project was a way of me trying to get over that and in some ways I feel that I think more about the ants but still I feel that I would pick other animals over them but it was a start I feel and that when the bridges are placed and that when people see them it will give a better presence to them and that the feelings will be furthered.

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06/13/10 15:24:04 - During the Show

This project I showed at the Interspecies Collaboration Show. Ants climbed all over the bridge during the show. They did get a little busted up by some children but will be set up in a different location once fixed.

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