Santa Cruz Island
By Heather Sielke and

Started on: 05/29/10 19:57:52
Medium: Visual

Santa Cruz Island was a very fun trip. To me this was a very interesting idea. We spent a whole weekend thinking about Interspecies collaboration. I cannot say that I have ever done that before or if the opportunity will ever be there for me to do that again so it was a chance in a lifetime. Also I had never done such dangerous hiking to get to places where I could collaborate with animals. Another thing is we spent the whole weekend being vegetarians not even eating fish. I am sad to say that it just made me want meat more when I got home but it was definitely an experience. There were so many different species we saw. I only came up with one collaborative project while I was there but that was ok for me. On Sunday when we went down to the ocean near the cliffs we found hermit crabs and I decided that I would find shells that the hermit crabs could move into once they got to big because we saw some hermit crabs fighting and eating a snail. Lisa and I found a few shells for the hermit crab that Lisa held. One I found was so large that it would take a long time for the hermit crab to be large enough. Lisa found that if you lay the hermit crab shell on your palm upside down it will come out faster. One great thing about this trip is that it was the first time I had seen dolphins in the wild that I remember if ever and it gave me the opportunity to think about the dolphin trip we were going on. At one point it got so overwhelming with all of the animals we were seeing that I did not know which direction to look at and which animal to look at on the boat when we headed there. We had heard so much about the foxes before the trip that I was so determined to see the foxes. So as soon as I saw Lisa pointing at a bush I knew and headed out there quietly and that was the first time I saw the foxes and then I got to see them a few times there. Also I had been watching the eagle cams and was so excited to see even at a distance one of the eagles I had watched it almost felt like being in the presence of a celebrity.

Scrubjay eggs that were not fertilized.

This is the first picture I took as soon as I saw the eagle.

These is a still from the webcam that I had been watching that I had screen captured.

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Project Updates
05/30/10 13:42:31 - Eagles

So I have been trying to find out which eagle we saw that day since in all the photos I took I could not see the number on the wing band. I went to the discussion board to see what was happening may 17th in the nest. I was hoping to find out one of the eagles was in the nest at 2:37 since that is when I took the photo then I could assume it was the other eagle. Apparently because it was raining exactly at that time they were having technical difficulties with the web cam and it did not come back up until 3:30 and at that time the father K 10 was in the nest. Also I was reading that they had not seen the mother much that day especially during that time and also since we were near the nest I think it was the father flying toward the nest that we saw. I wish I could know most definitely but I will never know.

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