Thoughts of a Project
By Heather Sielke and Seahorse(s)

Started on: 04/21/10 08:22:26
Medium: Visual

To me seahorses are the closest thing to a water dragon that I can actually have in my tank (because having sea dragons is illegal). The way seahorses dance is beautiful to me. Especially the way two dance every morning just to say "hello" unless it is breeding time then it is more than hello. You never know what color your seahorse would stay and sometimes you can influence that by putting different corals in the tank. They have chameleon eyes and a horse shaped head. Prehensile tails which means they can wrap their tail around things. Our seahorse dances around they tank to say that it is time to be fed. She goes anywhere from a dark purplish to a creamy bright white. It has been awhile since she has had another seahorse in the tank but she didnít get depressed like our other seahorses have I the past she actually seemed better with being alone. I want to do a visual presentation with her movement but I havenít found out just yet what that will be.

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