Serena Zahler, Student (Communication and Art Departments)
Pet: Dog
I have always done a lot of experimentation with animals. I used to breed freshwater fish when I was young and our family business always enabled me to satisfy my curiosities about ocean dwellers. My father's business is a custom aquarium design, installation, and maintenance company; My dad loved fish and continued his passion after graduating UCSB and passed this interest on to me. Having tanks in our garage with all varieties of salt and freshwater fish, octopi, turtles, sharks, and many types of corals and reef dwellers. Today, his retail store has black tip sharks and propagated corals (that aren't harvested from the ocean). I would love to collaborate with these animals on direct and more indirect levels. I think my unique experience will lend itself to thinking "outside the box" when it comes to collaborating with other species.


04/13/10 20:50:48 Ideas for Collaboration

04/29/10 14:25:36 Mud Painting
  05/24/10 17:08:58 - Pot Belly Pig Mud Painting

04/29/10 14:43:41 In Honor of Bunny

05/24/10 17:54:59 Conscious Gaze

06/03/10 16:26:17 Giving Back to Gain More
  06/06/10 16:50:59 - Interspecies Collaboration Exhibition

06/06/10 16:58:41 Dolphin Performance

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