In Honor of Bunny
By Serena Zahler, Andrea Chase and Rabbit(s)

Started on: 04/29/10 14:43:41
Medium: Installation

And then there were two. Frederick and Blackfoot used to have a bunny friend (who we never named) who passed away due to a neighbors car. Andrea, our roommates and I have always been sad about this event, but hadn't known how to go about finding resolution. After being in Art 130 for awhile, we came up with a way of honoring bunny and creating awareness of other species, and Frederick and Blackfoot as our neighbors. We wanted to be our bunny neighbors' ambassadors and advocates with their human-species neighbors. We hope to create a safer living environment for all species at 6633 Abrego. By leaving flyers on the cars in our lot explaining bunny's life and Frederick and Blackfoot's current living situation, we want to encourage our neighbors to take the time to look under their cars or scan the yard to make sure the bunnies are not under a car or in harms way. Not only will this make the neighborhood safer for Frederick and Blackfoot, but our human neighbors will also drive slower in general making the area safer for other humans and all the species who live here.

example of the flyer that we gave to all human inhabitants of 6633 Abrego and placed on all cars in the parking lot.

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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 08:46:18):
Very sweet project!