Andrea Chase, Student (UCSB- Art & Communications)
Pet: Dog
I have a immense background on the Channel Islands marine habitat, particularly Santa Catalina Island. I also love dogs and have had at least 2 dogs at any point in time since I was born. I feel great compassion and sympathy toward a superfluous number of species, such feelings are only overwhelmed by my innate interest to explore and interact with animals. Helping both the environment as well as the species dependent on the encompassing ecosystem would provide much joy to my life.


04/13/10 20:29:57 Dogs, Rabbits, Sharks, and Marine Invertebrates... OH my!

04/29/10 14:22:42 Doggy Mud Painting

04/29/10 14:44:10 Save.The.Bunnies

04/29/10 14:59:33 Failed attempt at Pig Painting

06/07/10 12:47:36 Mapping of Dolphin Excursion

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