By Andrea Chase, Serena Zahler and Rabbit(s)

Started on: 04/29/10 14:44:10
Medium: Installation

Last quarter I was faced with the harsh reality that with life comes death. The death I am referring to in this case was the death of one of our few wild (escaped) rabbits that have taken refuge in our parking lot and grass area surrounding the property where I live. In order to try to thwart any further unnecessary deaths, we chose to do a mini-campaign to promote awareness in our lot. Acting as bunny ambassadors, we went door to door and created a flyer that was posted on the cars in our lot. I found the meeting and greeting with the neighbors quite interesting. Originally our house was the only bunny-loving house, but I found that many other people in the lot had come to love the rabbits as well. The most interesting part was that all of us bunny lovers viewed the rabbits as residents and not pets. That is to say, they are wild inhabitants that have cultivated their own individual culture stemming between their interactions in the wild and with humans.

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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 08:45:27):
Very sweet project!