Dolphin Performance
By Serena Zahler and Dolphin(s)

Started on: 06/06/10 16:58:41
Medium: Performance

Our class went on the Condor Express Boat and created a collaborative dance with the common dolphins that live in the Santa Barbara Channel. We found a mega-pod of 2,000 dolphins and invited them to play with us, our boat, music, and movements. I think that the dolphins enjoyed our circle boat movement paired with sound and waving arms. Because I got to help the captain coordinate our movements with the dolphins', I had a great view of our class collaboration and the dolphins' enjoyment. The captain explained that the dolphins' behavior was definentely changing in reaction to our collaboration. When we sped up and away from the dolphins to do our meditation, the dolphins hurried to continue moving with us. They jumped extremely high and moved in and around the boat.

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