Mud Painting
By Serena Zahler, Andrea Chase and Dog(s)

Started on: 04/29/10 14:25:36
Medium: Performance

On a rainy day when Ziggy and Rocko are usually locked up inside, Andrea and I decided to give them a chance to feel free. We took the dogs to the muddiest rainiest place in Isla Vista we could find and played with them in the mud. You wouldn't have guessed the dogs were doing anything exciting or unknown as a spectator, but after our excersion the dogs were more riled up than I've ever seen them. Enabling them to be in a sense "wild" because they were in a environmental state normally reserved for animals in the wild brought them to a more fulfilling presence in themselves. As Barbara Janelle explained the dogs seemed to be "bigger" than their usual selves. The mud imagery on butcher paper is a documentation of the interspecies experiences of enjoying our changing environment (this case a muddy landscape) between Andrea, Ziggy, Rocko, and I.

Mud Drawing Detail

Mud Drawing 2

Mud Drawing 1

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Comment by LisaJ (05/02/10 08:55:16):
The images looks quite interesting. I also like the idea of taking your dogs out at times when they are typically not allowed to go out, and how they might really enjoy these new sensations that the rain and the mud creates for them.

Project Updates
05/24/10 17:08:58 - Pot Belly Pig Mud Painting

Because the mud painting with Ziggy and Rocko was such a success, Andrea and I wanted to recreate this playful experience with the Pot Belly Pigs at Lil Orphan Hammies. We thought that since pigs enjoy mud already they would be naturally inclined to help us create a mud painting. Our idea did not go as planned. The pigs wanted nothing to do with our mud painting play and ignored us accept when they thought the crinkling of the paper was a sign for feeding. Though our collaborative attempt was unsuccessful, we did learn that one cannot make assumptions or group different species as similar. Dogs are not pigs and just because pigs use mud to cool off does not mean they would be interested in using mud as a creative medium. (I think the pigs subconsciously new the irony in creating art on butcher paper!) If we ever attempt to mud paint with pigs again we could use a different type of paper that doesn't have such a stigma or create a more performative piece where the mud painting is not on paper, but is the markings made in the ground during our interspecies interaction.

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