Ideas for Collaboration
By Serena Zahler, Andrea Chase, Marine Invertabrate(s), Rabbit(s), Seahorse(s) and Shark(s)

Started on: 04/13/10 20:50:48
Medium: Conceptual

I have a number of different projects that I have been meditating on that may be great opportunities to creatively collaborate with other species.
1. Andrea Chase and I want to collaborate with our "wild" domesticated bunnies that live around our house. Blackfoot and Fredrick were let out to roam in our back gravel parking lot and have made homes under the agave plants in our yard. There was once 3 bunnies, but now only 2 and we are always worried that one will parish by one of the many cars that park in the lot. Andrea and I have come up with a "save the bunny" activist campaign to bring awareness to our neighbors about our bunny neighbors. We want to put flyers on the cars to warn people that the bunnies hang out under their car, make a memorial to the lost friend, and build a hutch or wholes for the bunnies to know that this area is also their home. We haven't decided if we want to frame this as a crime scene investigation stressing the lost bunny or a positive future of bunny equality.

2. I also want to work with the black tip reef sharks at my dad's shop maybe creating some time of performative collaboration as the sharks are very receptive to human movement around the tanks.

3. I also have thought about propagating corals. I would split the corals (this is a way that you can sustainable create more coral) in essence creating coral babies and placing them in certain positions in the tank and then document their growth or movement over time using an underwater camera. I believe that my active help in creating new corals will encourage the corals to continue their life. This action also has an environmental connotation instead of farming corals from the sea I am helping create more corals.

4. I also want to walk down to tide pools a low tide and see what collaboration I can create in that ephemeral/fleeting amount of time. Maybe this would be a good exercise to get my collaborating skills toned up.
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Comment by mreeves (04/14/10 15:42:38):
Regarding 4:

Intertidal Collaboration is a great way to explore time-based performance pieces, or artwork that is eventually destroyed.