Jessica Oropesa, Student (UCSB)
Pet: Dog
In general, I like animals (sometimes more than I like humans). I think it would be very interesting and challenging to collaborate with non-human species to create different forms of art. Determining forms of communication with other species will be an interesting thing to observe and practice.
I own two dogs right now - a rat terrier named Spanky, and a chihuahua/toy poodle named Pickle. They are both really smart and know several tricks (ranging from sit, down, and stay to fetch, open the door, and wait before getting treats!). Throughout my lifetime I also owned a variety of pets: hamsters, birds, frogs, crayfish, and newts.


04/19/10 17:21:08 Lady and the Bug

06/09/10 01:16:35 Megapod

06/09/10 01:49:32 Hammies

06/09/10 00:53:00 In(sect)erspecies Collaboration
  06/09/10 00:58:36 - Bee Yourself
  06/09/10 03:54:31 - Beetle Juice
  06/09/10 04:06:15 - Self-Propelled Flower
  06/13/10 14:59:26 - Self-Propelled Flower [Installation]

06/09/10 01:51:30 Home Bodies

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