Home Bodies
By Jessica Oropesa and Dog(s)

Started on: 06/09/10 01:51:30
Medium: Visual

I went home one weekend to my family, which includes my two dogs -- Spanky, the Rat Terrier and Pickle, the Chihuahua/Poodle. Spanky has been a part of the family since December 2005, and Pickle joined us the following year in the summer.

My family had waited a long time to own a dog and when we got Spanky, we were extremely enthusiastic about the new addition to our family. We went straight into training him and helping him adjust to ourselves and our household as we adjusted to him and his needs. We were so eager to have him learn tricks and he was so receptive to us. We had no idea that he would grow into the canine that he is today. I can easily say that he knows over 30 different tricks.

Pickle, though having less tricks under her belt as Spanky, is the sweetest little creature. She is very smart, which I believe she gets from her poodle heritage. She learned the ways of our household with Spanky to help her. She was the first puppy that my family owned, the only dog we raised from puppy to teenager. I have been collaborating with my dogs for 5 years now and because of it, I believe I possess a good understanding of canines and animals.
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