By Jessica Oropesa and Pot-Bellied Pig(s)

Started on: 06/09/10 01:49:32
Medium: Visual

On our field trip to Solvang, we visited a ranch called Little Orphan Hammies, where orphaned pot-bellied pigs were kept. There were many pigs there in a variety of shapes and sizes and their faces were very distinct, something I did not expect I would notice. It was obvious that each of the pigs had their own personality. It was during this trip that I understood what Jim Nollman, Lisa and other experts meant when they said to think about animals as individuals, rather than generalizations.

The pigs were aware of our presence, but each of them reacted differently to us. Some were nervous or cautious, others were indifferent, and some even came to interact with us. It was a good experience.

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