Hector Medina, Art student (UCSB)
Pet: Dog
I am interested in the class because it combines two of some of my favorite things; art and animals.


04/18/13 01:19:42 Foodge

06/04/13 11:14:12 Animal Communication with Shelby

06/04/13 11:20:03 Animal Communication with Sonic

06/04/13 11:22:35 Animal Communication with Snape

06/04/13 11:24:40 Animal Communication With Doostam

06/04/13 11:27:17 Animal Communication with Roxie & Maple

06/04/13 11:28:46 Animal Communication with Sonic Again

06/04/13 11:31:25 Animal Communication with Sonic Final

06/09/13 14:46:41 Interspecies Exhibition

Reflection: Art Related to Animal Rights
Art Related to Animal Rights Review

Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Interest in Interspecies Collaborations

Story: Non-Ordinary and Metaphorical Collaborations with Animals
Lagoon Excursion

Reflection: History/Philosophy - the Aesthetics of Non-Human Animals
Man Who Talks to Whales Review

Other: Other Related Research
Midterm Check in

Reflection: Speciesism and Animal Rights
Saving Luna