Animal Communication with Roxie & Maple
By Hector Medina and Dog(s)

Started on: 06/04/13 11:27:17
Medium: Conceptual

I decided to go home for the weekend and did my animal collaboration with my friendís dog. He has two dachshunds, one named Roxie who is 8 year old and Maple who is a year old. They are so adorable and very active. I thought maybe since the maze idea was still a working progress, maybe I should have a plan B. I still didnít know what kind of project I would do with them but I decided to wing it and feed off their energy and see what developed.
Iíve visited Drew before so the dogs knew me already. At first I had to explain the situation and what I needed to do with the animals. He said that we could take them for a walk or play with them in the back yard. I simply said to let them be and we can watch. I thought I can simply sit outside with them and observe what they had to teach me.
Sitting outside was not that great. They simply wondered for a couple minutes and then returned to Drew and me. I didnít know what else to do. How do I come up with something to collaborate them with? It was too difficult. I need to think of something that showcases my communication with them. To show the viewers something that I learned through them and not about them. I thought maybe dogs would be the best animal to show this. I guess manís best friend is simply that.
After sitting there for a while as the dogs began to get bored and lay their head down, we thought why not give Maple a bath. He has really shaggy hair that he needs grooming more often. We took him to his houseís laundry room that had a big sink. I didnít notice until I was holding him, that he has a huge over bite, like half an inch. He looks really sad when you look at his face from underneath. As if he is giving a pouty face. We took a picture together as I imitated his face. As we were bathing him, Roxie stood by the door, as if a loving mother was worried for her child. To my surprise he liked getting bathed, he simply stood there not shaking his fur or trying to run away.
When he was dried off we put on best collar, one with a bowtie. He looked so handsome. We took a couple pictures of him before he refused to wear it any longer. We took it off and like a baby, he curled up on the couch and went to sleep. Luckily Roxie had some energy and I thought I would try to communicate with her. I thought since she was older she would have more things to share. I held her on my lap hoping we would connect and something would come to my mind. Unfortunately nothing happened but I think we grew closer together. It seemed that staring at each other, made her realize that I was interested in her and her thoughts. She knew that I was trying to connect with her as more than just human to dog, but as equals. Wow this is sounding a little awkward and strangeÖ

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