Interspecies Exhibition
By Hector Medina and Chinchilla(s)

Started on: 06/09/13 14:46:41
Medium: Performance

The exhibition was a great success. I think I was able to communicate the purpose of my performance piece. I chose to be in a corner with a stool and the flyers. Each flyer was folded and stapled with a heart sticker. I was not able to talk to a person until the removed the sticker and placed it on their body where they felt comfortable me touching. It was odd seeing where people would place their heart. Most stickers where on the back of the hand or on the shoulder. A couple people placed them on their face, leg, or chest. Once visitor was tempted to place it on his crotch. Once I touched their heart we would begin to have a conversations.

The performance aspect to was connected to how Sonic would not interact with someone until he could feel his or her heart. I explained to my visitors that if animals could talk, would they befriend it the same way they do with other people? Most of them were confused by the question. I told them that we as humans befriend someone through conversation. We say our name and some identifying qualities. We continue this exchange until we are comfortable enough with someone that we let then into our heart. Well that's not what Sonic does. He would only befriend you after you let him touch your heart and you cannot interact with him until you do. It's a different way of making friends and that is what I wanted the public to know. For the audience to understand what I learned from a chinchilla.

After the conversation I would ask a couple people if the would be my friend, now that I have touched their heart. Only like two or three people said yes. Most were still hesitant. I said well why? Is it because I am not an animal? I question why it is so easy to befriend an animal. They all have different personalities, backgrounds and attitudes to specific people, just like we humans. Over all it was a great and interesting performance. I am glad that my art piece got them thinking about these aspects. They question their process of befriending someone. I left them be and make new friends. To touch other people’s hearts.

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