Animal Communication with Sonic Final
By Hector Medina and Chinchilla(s)

Started on: 06/04/13 11:31:25
Medium: Conceptual

This week I finally came up with the idea I was longing to figure out. I thought about my last interaction with Sonic and came up with a project that showcases the class perfectly. It shows how I learned from Sonic and not about him.
I went back to Hope and Sonic so I can finalize some thoughts. I asked Hope how she figured out that Sonic like to feel peopleís hearts. I was wondering if someone told her or if she too learned it from Sonic? She told me that she simply held him there and it became a habit. She then realized it was comforting for him. She said she would tell strangers the same thing when they first hold Sonic. That solidified my thoughts I had on how Sonic befriended people he did not know.
Sonic taught me something pretty interesting. When you hold him for the first time he is very fidgety and not a personable chinchilla. He taught me that you need to hold him close to your heart. He likes to hear your heart beat and if it is calm, he will relax. It is his way of sensing your heart and judging if he wants to befriend you.
We as humans do this act by talking to one another. We say our names and give little descriptions about ourselves. We talk about where we come from, what are our interests and hobbies, and share things we feel comfortable telling a stranger. We want to express what is deep within our hearts. If we like what we hear, we continue this exchange until we are content and simply become friends. In other words, we are allowing someone to connect with our heart and who we are as a person. Well that is what Sonic does, but in a more physical way. He senses the blood in your heart and listens to the rhythm then makes a judgment. If he likes what your heart shares, he will befriend you.
My art piece is going to portray this with an interactive/performance piece. I am going to have heart printed on vinyl and hand them out. I will not speak until I touch the heart on the personís body. It will represent Sonicís idea of not befriending someone until they are allowed to touch their heart. I will have some sort of communication with them, simple things like name, majors and some background information. I will ask them how they make friends. Afterwards I will explain to them the purpose of this exchange and tell them who I learned it from. I think I will have some pictures up of the interactions between Sonic and I.
I am kind of considering having Sonic there. I am hesitant because people are going to want to pet him and he does not like that since of the oil in our hands. I will simply have to represent the both of us and hopefully people get a full understanding of what we shared.

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