By Hector Medina and Rabbit(s)

Started on: 04/18/13 01:19:42
Medium: Conceptual

So I was simply hanging out with my friend Savannah this past weekend. We were watching a movie and her bunny was making some noises in the other room. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to do my art assignment. The bunny’s name is Foodge, she is ashy gray and going on 12 years. I didn’t really think about it until now, the bunny’s name has the word “food,” ironic. Well when we went to go check on her, we knew she wanted to be let out of her fenced area and run around the room. She had a lot of energy. I though this could go two ways. Either she is going to be too hyper and not want to play or I would rub off her energy and she will want to help me on my assignment. While Foodge ran around, I was explaining Savannah what I was to do and what I learned from the workshop that week. We both relaxed and did some breathing exercises. We tried to connect with Foodge. She kept ignoring us and running around. Since we weren’t connecting in that way, I decided to just sit on the floor and get to her level. She would hop around and then suddenly look back at me. She must of thought I was some sort of predator, when we noticed she stomped her foot. I thought maybe I should just play it off cool and lay low and not look at her. Once she didn’t feel as threatened she became curious of me and got closer. She then just stood near me, looking at me. I tried to connect to her, trying to see what she was thinking. I wonder what goes on in her head when her mother leaves for school. Does she feel imprisoned sometimes? Does she feel left out or does she like her privacy since bunnies like living in holes in the ground? Does she want to hang out with more bunnies, like in the wild where they live with many? I wonder if her favorite food is carrots. She just sat there looking at me. I was not able to connect, just have long staring contest. She hopped for a little more and then flopped on her side, saying she is done and can be placed back in her enclosure. I don’t know if it was her who answered my questions or if it was me making up answers. Nevertheless she was a pretty chill bunny.

As for the workshop with Barbara and the clip we saw of the animal communicator, I am still a little skeptical. I still wonder how Barbara was able to connect with my dog that is 200 miles away. I did find it surprising of the things she said about my dog. I found the video as amusing too. Especially towards the end when she spoke to the horse that told her what her friends did that day. I find it amazing how she is able to communicate with them as if they talked. I wish I could do that but only for a day. I would get tired of hearing things all the time. The meditating and breathing exercise were great and very relaxing. In the end, it was great to learn how some people communicate with the world around us.

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