Caitlin Gallagher, Student (Art)
Pet: Cat
When I was living at home I always had a lot of pets, like dogs chickens, cats, rabbits etc. I wouldn't consider them my animals, they belonged more to my mom she always wanted them but I had to feed them to teach me responsibility. We had an extremely aggressive rooster and to get into the coop to feed them you had to bring a hose in because he thought it was a snake. One day, I was doing by chores and the rooster finally realized it was a hose I guess, he chased me all through my yard until my dad heard me screaming and i ran to his arms was about 8yrs old. Clearly this rooster and myself lacked some communication skills, just entering his cage I was terrified and the rooster could tell, this time he was braver than I was and succeeded in protecting his hens while I ran away scared despite size difference. I think If I had approached the situation with a better understanding of communication with animals our encounter would gave been more successful


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