'Teacup' pig fact or fiction?
By Caitlin Gallagher and Pot-Bellied Pig(s)

Started on: 05/01/13 16:41:22
Medium: Digital

On Monday I took a trip the The Lilí Orphan Hammies sanctuary. When I heard we were going to visit I thought back to the first time I saw the movie Babe when I was six. I was so mortified by what they were doing to pigs that I gave up meat for a week until I realized the substitutes my mom had bought instead of meat were gross. My next pig encounter occurred during the miniature pig fad when I though about getting one and looked up how much they cost, after this visit I am very glad I decided against it. I had no idea that breeders were lying about teacup and miniature pigs, they donít even exist. I wanted to do something that will help Lilí orphan Hammies get the word out so I decided to make a flyer with some fact and post it online.
When I first got to the sanctuary I found it hard to interact with the pigs. I thought they were dirty and there were so many I didnít really know what to do. After spending a little more time with them I noticed how they were different and had their own personalities. I bonded mostly with Petunia, she was an attention pig and followed the group around hoping to get food or her belly rubbed. I noticed she really like when I scratched her with my long nails, the hair on her back would stand up every time I would scratch her. I made a short video of myself scratching her back and the bristles standing up as her response. While at the sanctuary I really struggled with how she does it, its amazing the compassion that she shows the animals that cannot even stand to get water.

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Project Updates
06/07/13 18:52:04 - No more hammie

After visiting Lil' Orphan Hammies I tried to give up ham and surprisingly I haven't eaten it since. I never eat a lot of meat especially ham, which is why I thought I would be able to do it. While we were at the sanctuary I was wondering what part of the pig bacon or ham came from, It was disturbing to think about eating this cute bristly creature. I felt horrible for all the pigs that were being squeezed into farms to provide food for us. I don't plan on becoming a vegetarian but I do think that it is cruel how animals are treated by the food industry and I don't want to support that. The field trip put a face on my ham sandwich and after it is difficult to look at it the same When I think back to the pigs who had such different personalities that were distinct it saddens me to think that this small square of meat could have been Petunia who had followed me around all day.

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