Rock stacking
By Caitlin Gallagher and

Started on: 05/01/13 17:49:01
Medium: Sculptural

In class we went and took a walk around the Lagoon, I usually go running to campus point but I had never really taken a chance to observe the environment very closely. When I made my trip around the lagoon I made it a point to take small steps and notice everything around me that I would have otherwise ran past. Although there were signs of animal life all around me, for some reason I was drawn to the rocks and what Barbara said about rocks having life. I began contemplating time and how long the rock had been there or the last time it had been touched. Few people feel the need to bend down a touch every rock but for some reason I had this desire to touch them all and pick them up as if by doing so it would take me back to the time that this rock was formed. I also thought had that rock always been there, or was I the first person to touch it in the last 50 years? The rocks that I found I began carefully stacking while doing so I imagined all these different places and ages being stacked on top of each other in disarray. For example a rock from England during the middle ages being stacked onto a rock from Jerusalem before Christ, creating this confusion of time and space each rock being able to tell its own story.
After reflecting on stacking the rocks I realized it related to the reading about symbiosis and interspecies protocol. When I stack rocks I have to pick and chose which ones I can stack based on their texture, imperfections, ridges, and dents, if I make the wrong choice all the rocks would topple over. Like with interspecies protocol each rock is seen as an individual with its own needs, if rocks made symbiotic relationships, all rigid rocks would be able to stack on all smooth rocks. When the needs are not met the stack may fall down immediately or over time as the stack grows. Human involvement in the environment affects animals the same way as the rock that knocks over the stack, animals in an ecosystem will work together in balance until humans become involved and break protocol.

Rocks have energy tooo!

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