Facebook status update: VET trip
By Caitlin Gallagher and Cat(s)

Started on: 06/05/13 00:40:17
Medium: Digital

Over the past few weeks I noticed that he was scratching a lot so I got him flea medicine. He continued to scratch and started to develop a bald spot on the back of his neck My mom came into town for mothers day when my mom saw the bald patch on Bubba’s neck she told me it was mange. I had always joked about him being a mangy little kitty but after my mom proceeded to read me the symptoms on Wikipedia I started to freak out. It said that he could possibly get alopecia, a disease when all of your hair falls out and it said that the symptoms usually start around the neck and its not easy to get rid of. I got really worried about him so I took him to the vet the very next day. He has somewhat of an obsession with boxes, I really think all cats do, so when I take him to the vet I use a cardboard pet carrying box. Before it was time to take him I left the box out and he began playing in it. When it was time to go he refused to get into the box but with the help of some toys I convinced him to hop in. I carried him to the car and he "MEOW! “the whole way to the vet and the entire time we were there, in the waiting room there were a few dogs and he was trying to hiss at the dogs through the box. We went to an office and the doctor took Bubba out of the box and looked at him he knew exactly what was wrong with him. Bubba was allergic to pollen, a nurse came in and held him down while the doctor gave him a steroid shot in the butt. The doctor said that if it didn’t get any better to bring him back. I felt really bad about not taking him to the vet sooner, he must have been so itchy. After I took him home because he wouldn’t stop meowing I in the car I went to the pet store and bought him some treats and canned food. When I got home he didn’t really like the treats but I gave him salmon cat food and he loved it. I share the days events with people on Facebook. Some people like his status and made comments on the posts. People had been asking me about why his neck was balding, by posting on his Facebook what happened I was hoping people wouldn’t be worried about petting him or think he was sick. I approached the posts as if he were writing them. For example some people post on Facebook about what they had for lunch and did that day, so I wrote the comments from Bubba’s perspective.
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