Final Project-My Network
By Caitlin Gallagher and Cat(s)

Started on: 06/07/13 18:29:51
Medium: Visual

For my Collaboration project I plan on anthropomorphizing my cat Bubba by bring presenting his personal space, by creating a desk with items that demonstrate his personality. Bubba has a Facebook page where I have been posting about things that go on throughout his day from his perspective, I also made him a collar that says ‘Find me on Facebook’ with his name, in hopes of someone seeing it and commenting on his page. Bubba is a very social cat and when people come over they really treat him like a real person and greet him. Some people call me the crazy cat lady but I really live with five, all my roommate have a really strong attachment with him as well and have one-sided conversations with him often. When my neighbors come over they are surprised when I tell them that he is mine because he is always wandering around through their houses. I think the reason people have such a special relationship with him is because he acts like he is everyone’s cat. When he goes to someone’s house he walks up to everyone waiting for someone to pet him or if you are sitting on the couch he comes to sit next to you. Most cats ignore what the people around them are doing, Bubba just wants to join in. I could have a party at my house full of people and Bubba will just be walking through the party as if he owns the place not even caring about all the feet that are about to step on him or the blasting music. When other cats shy away from human interaction, Bubba seeks it out. I was curious as to what he does all day and with this Facebook page I hope people could give me some insight. In creating this project I have begun thinking about what human emotions Bubba might feel based on what is going on around him. When he started meowing I always thought it was just because of his basic needs like eating or wanting to go outside, now I will follow him around or play with him and see if he stops, sometimes it is just because he is bored. I have started to pay more attention to when he is home and where he is and I do think it has helped us understand each other better, or at least me understand him. The desk that I put together in collaboration with Bubba includes his Facebook page and some of his belongings like his leash, food bowl, brush, and toys along with a map of places he has been. This collaboration has been an interesting experience; although following him around was somewhat difficult it was surprising to see how many people he has met along the way.

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Project Updates
06/09/13 22:17:55 - Bubba and Boxes

A friend who lives down the street messaged me a video of Bubba, he was over at their house and and was playing in an empty six pack box. He would run around the room after the box and run head first into it and slide with his feet out. I with I knew why he loves boxes so much they said that he played with it for almost an hour. He has always had an obsession with boxes so when I got some for when I move I decided to make a fort for him. The boxes were so big that he would fall into them and get stuck, I set them on their side and he would run through them and roll around.I scratched the sides of the box and he would attack my hand. The sound of cardboard made him go crazy, he would look back and forth trying to find out where the sound is coming from before he plans his attack.

Bubba is very playful and curious even before I folded the boxes and put them together he was trying to jump inside. I know that most cats like boxes but I think it might be because when he was a kitten, his mom kept him in a cardboard box, it probably gives him a sense of security when he is inside. It's fun for both of us when we play with the boxes, I posted the video of us playing and a picture on his face book, some of his friends liked his pictures.

Bubba inside of the box, he wouldn't sit still so it was difficult to get a good picture of him.

Bubba inside of the box, he wouldn't sit still so it was difficult to get a good picture of him.

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06/09/13 22:38:05 - Find me on Facebook

I made Bubba a new tag that says 'find me on facebook' on one side and the back has 'Bubba Sparks' his Facebook name. He has had the tag on for about 4 weeks and 3 people have added him that I have never met before, I think that they may have seen the tag. If he visits someone a lot I hope they are interested in him more and see the tag and try to find him online.

Bubba's new name tag

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