Animal Potluck Collaboration Update
By James Rowan, Andrea Chase, Jenna Ferri, Serena Zahler, Cat(s) and Dog(s)

Started on: 05/18/10 17:26:36
Medium: Visual

Tomorrow is our animal potluck that we have been planning for a few weeks. The preparation has really come down to deciding what foods our animals can actually eat, especially since most of them have such a specialized diet already. Our project is still revolving around the concept that animals and humans eat at separate times in separate places. Most people do not allow their animals, of any kind, to be near the dinner table or wherever guests are eating. Our plan is to have a communal dining experience, one in which the animals and ourselves can interact with one another while eating,

I'm sure the animals will be most interested in eating the food, or at least seeing what everyone else is eating, but hopefully it will be a positive interaction. I researched what foods we can feed animals that we could also eat ourselves, and I was surprised by how specific a raw food diet is for animals. If people choose to not feed their pets from a packaged diet of either canned or dry food, then it is very important for vitamin supplements to be added to the food. Also, cats and even dogs do not possess the enzymes needed to break down many types of food, and this can lead to an unhealthy dietary system. Any raw meat diets should be supplemented with probiotics.

For our dinner, we decided to keep it simple. Any foods that we introduce to the animals cannot be a shock to their system, as they are used to a specific diet. Serena and Andrea received a recipe for dog biscuits that are also edible for humans from a friend who owns a pet bakery in Los Angeles that we will use. Cats are simpler to cook for, and will will most likely use chicken or liver. Animals prefer their food raw, so we will prepare our own food and not cook theirs. Also, a grain such a kibble, cooked oatmeal, or whole wheat bread can be added to round out their diet. Animals can also eat certain vegetables and fruits, as long as you check to make sure it is ok.

Here are a couple of sites with good recipes and tips for what foods are good for your pets and what foods should be avoided. There are many great resources on the internet that offer more information, and it is important to always check with a veterinarian before preparing your own animals food.

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