Jenna Ferri, student (UCSB Art 130)
My background is in Art and Photography. I hope to use my curiosity of nature and my skills in art to communicate with these animals and develop a relation with them in an new and interesting way.


04/13/10 21:46:20 project ideas

05/11/10 14:51:23 small interactions

05/21/10 17:20:57 final show project

06/04/10 19:09:51 animal potluck

fear of the familiar
Pig Sanctuary

Reflection: Other Related Research
readings by Toni Fromhoff

Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
reflection on the inclass movies

How To: Animal Communication
response to barbara janelle

Other: History/Philosophy - the Aesthetics of Non-Human Animals
the man who talks to whales

Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
unexpected collabortation