final show project
By Jenna Ferri, Ant(s), Cat(s), Chimpanzee(s), Dog(s), Dolphin(s), Fish(s), Giraffe(s) and Raccoon(s)

Started on: 05/21/10 17:20:57
Medium: Visual

All quarter I have been working on forming a project that is both collaborative with animals while including an element of transformation within myself. I have been observing animals for quite some time and been trying to think of a way that we can collaborate by altering my human sense of state. I started by letting the birds outside my window sing to me in the morning to direct the path my day would go as far as moods and overall feelings. However, this wasn't too successful with the birds not coming everyday and my daily moods being mostly effected by the weather.
As an alternative I decided to observe animals and let their body moments engulf me. Instead of reading their moments are strictly for transportation, I read them as a lyrical dance and a performance in themselves. While watching the animals dance. I found my hand, attached to a pen onto of paper, glide along to match their choreography. It was here I experience the transformation from simply observing their moments to becoming part of them and allowing our moments to join in collaboration. The drawings created from these were not the typically predictable drawings one sees when considering animals. These abstract expressions were full of movements and energy that I felt by connecting with the animals on a deeper meditative level.
These drawings will be displayed at the show along with photographs and videos of the animals I collaborated with

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