project ideas
By Jenna Ferri and

Started on: 04/13/10 21:46:20
Medium: Performance

Today was a day of brainstorming and many ideas were thrown out during our group discussion. One of my favorite ideas was hosting a dinner party and allowing everyone to bring pets of all different species. The project would then become a collaboration of how the animals interact with other animal species and how the humans can aid in this process. It would also be interesting to see how the mannerisms of the owners of the animals affect the behavior of the animal themselves. Safety precautions between animals might be a problem but this could be an interesting conceptual piece
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Comment by jrowan (04/14/10 16:46:50):
I definitely agree, it would be a great project if we took the right precautions! I don't think that people often eat meals with there pets, and indeed animals are often discouraged from being anywhere near the dinner table when eating is going on. Maybe we would have to stick with just one species, or maybe just have some animals that we know will collaborate well with each other. Let's keep this in mind, everyone loves a good potluck!