James Rowan, Student (UCSB Art Studio Dept.)
Pet: Cat  Dog
I grew up on a farm in Northern California and thus have had animals from a very young age. I was involved in 4-H since I was a 9, raising sheep, pigs, and cattle. My parents have always had an eclectic group of animals living at the house, including numerous stray cats that my parents fed and who eventually became very close to our family, spending many evenings inside now, watching the television from one of my parents' laps. Since living on my own, I have not had any pets but am still very interested in the bond that is formed between species. I have witnessed it my entire life, and firmly believe that animals are extremely intuitive and can really relate with humans.


04/14/10 16:55:33 Flight Patterns
  04/14/10 16:57:46 - title update
  05/27/10 12:42:20 - bird flight

04/27/10 12:21:05 A Pup Named Roofer

05/18/10 17:26:36 Animal Potluck Collaboration Update

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