ARTS 122
We humans have made maps to help us understand our world and our place within it for thousands of years. Maps help us find places we know and let us imagine places we don't know. Maps can be useful, political, poetic and whimsical. They are loaded with meaning, and artists have a long history of making maps as an artistic expression. The Web and the Internet has provided unprecedented access to map making tools and ways to publish maps. While mapmaking historically was a privilege of the ones in power, and more recently a craft of trained professionals, today anyone can make and publish their personally annotated maps with online tools such as My Google Maps. In this class we will investigate and participate in this new mapmaking paradigm, making our own artistic and conceptual maps using Google Earth, My Google Maps, the Google Maps/Earth APIs and JavaScript. We will also use the programming language Perl to add real time data to our maps.

Time: W 12:00 PM-4:50 PM
Room: Old Gym (Building 479) E-Studio (1211)
Instructor: Lisa Jevbratt

Week 1 (Wed 1/5)
Lecture: Map Art, Google Earth (links, also see art links below)

Week 2 (Wed 1/12)
Due: Google Earth Intro Exercise and Reading 1

Lecture: Google Earth/KML (and Perl + SketchUp)


Basic KML:

link_location_1.kml (does not work in GE 6)
link_location_2.kml (does not work in GE 6)
lost.kml (after Kathy Prendergast)
nodirections.kml (removing from to in the description)

More advanced KML:

Population Mapping by Geo Vittoratos
Layered Earth by Will Satzinger

KML projects using network link and perl:






The "starter" KML from Luke's youtube project
The perl file from Luke's youtube project


Using Sketchup with Google Earth MAC PREVIEW PROBLEM
Terra Technologica, Charles Choi (KMZ)
Untitled, Travis Jepson (KMZ)
Untitled, Travis Jepson (KMZ)

Week 3 (Wed 1/19)
Due: Google Earth Research

Class content: Student Research Presentations, Lab

Week 4 (Wed 1/26)
Due: Google Earth Project

Lecture: Javascript, Google Maps API Intro

Examples: Simple Javascript example

Google Maps API:

Google Maps API Reference

Just a Map
Simple Markers
Simple Info Window
Image Overlay
Polygon Overlay
More Complex Polygon Overlay

A visually intersting Google Maps project from last year. It is not made in the same version of the API as we are usng so DON"T copy the code from it.

Week 5 (Wed 2/2)
Due: Google Maps Intro Exercise

Lecture: Javascript, Google Maps API
Examples: Google Maps API Examples
Read xml file with markers
Read xml file with markers and infowindows
Move together
Geo location

Week 6 (Wed 2/9)
Due: Google Maps API Research

Class content: Student Research Presentations, Lab

Week 7 (Wed 2/16)
Due: Google Maps Project

Week 8 (Wed 2/23)
Due: Final Project Proposal and Reading 3
Feb 25/26: CONFERENCE: Mapping Place: GIS and the Spatial Humanities

Week 9 (Wed 3/2)
Due: Final Project Report

Week 10 (Wed 3/9)
Due: Final Project

Required reading (Some links have to be accessed from campus or by using VPN, see further down the page.): Reading 1:

a, "The Whole Earth, Catalogued - How Google Maps is changing the way we see the world" by Evan Ratliff in Wired July 2007 pdf html
b, "Google Earth helps yet worries government" By Peter Eisler, USA TODAY, Nov 2008
c, (Click on "PDF Full Text") "Map Art" by Denis Wood, in Cartographic Perspectives, Number 53, Winter 2006

Reading 3:

(Click on "PDF Full Text") "Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary" Kanarinka, in Cartographic Perspectives, Number 53, Winter 2006

Suggested reading: (Many of these links can only be accessed on campus or via the VPN, see below)

Tech Help

Javascript Tutorial

Books from Safari online books:
Google Maps Hacks by Rich Gibson, Schuyler Erle
Learning Perl, 4th Edition By Brian D Foy, Tom Phoenix, Randal L. Schwartz
Mapping Hacks by Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, Jo Walsh
Google Hacks by by Rael Dornfest, Paul Bausch, Tara Calishain
Learning JavaScript by Shelley Powers
Ajax Hacks by Bruce W. Perry
"DIVE INTO GOOGLE MAPS, GOOGLE EARTH, AND SKETCHUP 3D" in Google Apps Hacks by Philipp Lenssen

Map Culture/Art/Theory

Deconstructing the Map, JB Harley (Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization)
Cultures of Map Use, Chris Perkins (Cartographic Journal)
A Cultural Interpretation of Inuit Map Accuracy, Robert A. Rundstrom (Geographical Review)
An Introduction to Critical Cartography, Crampton and Krygier
Is Google Earth, "Digital Earth?" - Defining a Vision, Karl E. Grossner
Presentation: Lisa Parks, "Earth-Browsing: Satellite Images, Global Events and Visual Literacy"
Mapping Mashups: Participation, Collaboration and Critique on the World Wide Web

Software: TextWrangler, a good text editor (similar to BBEdit). (free) (Mac)
JEdit, text editor for Mac and PC. (free)
Filezilla, sftp client for Mac and PC. (free)
Putty, an ssh client for PC. (free)
UCSB VPN client
(for accessing the online book storage Safari and academic articles, data etc.)

Map Related Art Student Projects
Google Earth:
Several projects from 2010
The Never Ending Medium of Media, Luke DePass (KML download, view in google earth)
Terra Technologica, Charles Choi
Population Mapping by Geo Vittoratos
Layered Earth by Will Satzinger
Google Maps:
Several projects from 2010
Where, Luke Depass (reload five or so times to get it going)
"Lets Feel Together" Reggie Knopoff
Vanessa Zucker
Jessica Mendez
"Rainbow Map" Luxi Ye

Google Earth
Angie Waller, The Most Boring Places in the World
Christian Nold, Biomapping, Jan 2004 - ongoing
Biomapping KLM

Google Maps
TIM SZETELA, Imagined Locations,2008 - 2009
Google Is Not The Map (2008) - Les Liens Invisibles
googlemirageview (2009) - Zak Loyd
Starbucks Center of Gravity (2005) - Cory Arcangel
bodega list (2009) - Jeff Sisson
bodega list (2009) - Jeff Sisson
Blue Monochrome
Carlo Zanni, Self Portrait With Dog, 2008
STREET WITH A VIEW: a project by Robin Hewlett & Ben Kinsley
STREET WITH A VIEW: a project by Robin Hewlett & Ben Kinsley
STREET WITH A VIEW: a project by Robin Hewlett & Ben Kinsley
Fata Morgana by Damon Zucconi, 2010

The Earth as Display
Hello World!
Lisa Jevbratt: Hej Gud

Net Art
Google is not the map, Les Liens Invisibles
Imagined Locations
Eternal Sunset

Institute for applied autonomy, i-See
Map Interface to The Center for Land Use Interpretation's database
The City Formerly Known as Cambridge, Kanarinka
Average Point of Interest, Lee Walton

One Block Radius
Christian Nold, Biomapping, Jan 2004 - ongoing
Biomapping KLM

Newton & Helen Mayer Harrison

Drawings/Paintings Etc.
12 Inches of Weather, Kanarinka
Kathy Prendergast, Lost
Nikolas Schiller
Jaoquin Torres-Garcia, Inverted map of America, 1936
Composite Group Dream Map, Night of 23/24 August by Susan Hiller, 1974
Fields on a Map (Meschers, Gironde) by Ellsworth Kelly, 1950
Francesca Berrini

Mcclure "Map of the world"
EMF Displacement

Some Online Map Art Projects
Six Contemporary Artists Who Use Maps in Their Work
The Map Is Not the Territory iii
The Map Room: Art
Experimental Geography

Old Cartographical Curiosities

Map Blogs Etc
Creativemapping blog
Google Earth Community
Google Earth News Letter Jan 2008
Ogle Earth - a blog about google earth
Google Sightseeing Blog
"Cool Google Maps"

Google Earth KML/KMZ Help:
Google Earth Home Page
Google Earth Userguide
KML Info
Marking Locations
Editing Ballons
KML Documentation
KML Reference
KML Tutorial

About Google Earth Map Projection

Sketchup Home Page
Using Sketchup with Google Earth MAC PREVIEW PROBLEM

Make a Embedded KML Viewer to view your KML project inside a web browser.
Misc KML Projects:
Google Earth Gallery
Google Earth Sigthseeing: Snowball
Google Earth Flight Animation (kmz file)
3D Model Warehouse
gearthhacks 3D Model Warehouse
Various Katrina KML Projects
Some NASA data
Misc: Dubai World Islands

Google Maps (and Earth) API etc Help:
My Google Maps
Google Maps API
Google Earth API
Site for making and sharing google map shapes (for example country boundaries)
GM Style Wizard
Javascript Tutorial
Google Maps API Tutorial
Making Custom Markers
Marker Generator

Google Maps Projects (Mashups):
Google Maps Mania Blog

Misc: Lenin

Latitude and longitude formats
Eskimo Map made of drift wood
Monumental Land Art of the United States
John Snow's Famous Cholera Epidemic Map (1855)
The Vinland Map
Maps of the 2008 US presidential election results
John Snow's Famous Cholera Epidemic Map (1855)
USGS Placenames (Search Online or Download a file with all placenames in the US)
Google Moon Maps
Censored locations in Holland
Censored locations in Sweden
Google Earth Video of Mazes
Google Earth Hacks (New Media Art)