ARTS 122

Google Earth Intro Assignment

1. Set up your class homepage:

Make a Web page with your name on it, call the page 'home.html'. Save it to our account "art122" on our web server "". When you save the page in BBedit/TextWrangler/JEdit create a folder in the 'Sites/w_11' folder called 'yourlastname_yourfirstname' all lower case and save the page to that folder, The url will be (And the path is /home/art122/Sites/w_11)
Example of a very simple homepage the way it could look by the end of the quarter

2. Now to the fun part:

Select a number of locations (at least five) in Google Earth and "link" them together through a narrative/story/theory/conspiracy (it can be factual/actual or fiction). You can also take into account the historical images under the view menu in GE. Mark the places with markers, image overlays, paths or polygons. Use HTML to style your "bubbles". Save the places as one KML file. Try making a "tour" if you like. Make a webpage that links to the KML file and write your narrative/story/theory/conspiracy on the page (A couple of paragraphs are enough). Link the page from your homepage. Work on the markers, polygons and description ballons of your places. Design them to support your narrative/story/theory/conspiracy.

Look at the KML file that is produced. Open it in BBedit. Try to make changes directly to it. (Save versions so that you don't loose what you have made.)