Final Project

Written Proposal Due Wednesday February 23
Project Report Due Wednesday March 2
Project Due Wednesday March 9

Make an art project using Google Maps or Google Earth. Use what you learned in the research projects and at least one thing you have not used before (such as a Google Maps API function, Google Earth feature or another web API) . You can use your own or others scripts/projects as a starting point.
You can work in groups if you want to.

Try to stay away from projects that are purely informative. Maybe it helps to consider the absurd or strange; such as maps that helps the user get lost, or maps that describes places that don't exists, or that questions our ideas of what the earth is and look like, and its role and place in the universe. Or the project can make connections between data, events, beings, emotions, ideas etc that we typically don't consider connected.

The project should be thought of as an art project and be interesting as such. There are not many art projects that specifically use Google Maps or Google Earth (and that is partially why it is so interesting to work with those tools in a art context).

However artists have used maps in their art making for centuries and those maps could help inspire you. See all the examples written about in the readings, the ones your fellow students listed on their class pages, and the links I have on the class webpage, and/or search the web for map related art projects.

In the proposal you should:
a. Describe how your project works. What tools and programming/formatting language you are using, Where you get data from if you use data, etc.
b. Describe the project from the users perspective. I.e. The user sees a webpage with a map and an image of zzz. When the user clicks on the xxx they see yyy....
c. Describe how your project is interesting as art.
d. Describe what your project trying to communicate to the audience.
e. Include a diagram/flowchart/sketch of how the project will look and most importantly function.
The proposal should be written on a web page and linked to from your homepage.

Make a folder called final_project in the folder with your name, put all the files relating to the project in that folder. Link to the project from your homepage.

Have fun and good luck!