ARTS 122
Reading Assignment 3:
(Click on "PDF Full Text") "Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary" Kanarinka, in Cartographic Perspectives, Number 53, Winter 2006
Take some time searching/looking on the web at the artworks mentioned in the texts.
1. Write one-two paragraphs about the main points of the texts.

2. Select the artwork from the text that you find the most interesting. Describe why you find it interesting and put an image of the project on your page. If none of the artworks descibed in the text are interesting to you, find another map art project and relate it to the text.
Make a webpage with your text and link to it from your homepage.

Be prepared to discuss the texts. Print it out and bring it for the discussion.