Michael Godwin, Grad Student (Art Studio)
As an aspiring environmentalist I've long been interested in human, landscape, and creature interactions. I have some experience as a birder and am currently taking a Landscape ecology class and wondering about ways to think about landscape and its non-animalian inhabitors as possible collaborators.


05/08/06 23:23:14 The Old Mission Creek Frog Choir Collaboration
  05/08/06 23:28:10 - Founders meeting firms up new direction for collab
  05/23/06 11:54:58 - Research and FrogWatch signup
  06/04/06 16:01:29 - Frogs and Robots

04/25/06 19:18:19 Arthropod Guided Drawing
  05/08/06 23:07:01 - Actual Arthropod collaboration videos

04/25/06 19:42:24 Interspecies Yawn Propagation

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