Arthropod Guided Drawing
By Michael Godwin and Arthropod(s)

Started on: 04/25/06 19:18:19
Medium: Visual

Taking paper and ink to the field I attempted to collaborate with the insects I found there. Having had some positive past results with spider mites I hoped to find more of them, but found instead many ants and a jumping spider. After coaxing them onto a clean white piece of paper I followed their path with an ink loaded paintbrush, thus recording their movements but also engaging them in a sort of dance as they alternately evaded and investigated the relatively large paint brush (relative to an ant, at least).

This rather simple experiment suggests many possible directions and potentials for further exploration: bait, alternate marking materials, diverse collaboraters, etc.
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Project Updates
05/08/06 23:07:01 - Actual Arthropod collaboration videos

These are videos of some of the first attempts at making Arthropod contact...

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Ant Guided Drawing
This is a 25 second video of an ant and I collaborating on a drawing. After I placed a paper down on an ant trail, thereby conducting auditions, this ant walked far out onto the page in an expression of collaborative interest.

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Jumping Spider
This is an 11 second video of a jumping spider guiding my paintbrush across a page.

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