Interspecies Yawn Propagation
By Michael Godwin and

Started on: 04/25/06 19:42:24
Medium: Performance

I can not claim this idea as my own but am eager to continue this experiment: what is the most evolutionarily distant animal collaborator that one can pass a yawn to? I've had some success with domesticated cats, dogs, and birds; tried for a while with some turtles, but haven't managed it yet. Good project for the zoo.
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Comment by Mandingo (05/09/06 09:35:38):
if I get by the zoo today which I'm hoping I will, I will try this out for you since I long ago developed the world changing skill of self induced yawning.
also, I ws wondering if holding up some sort of visual card might stimulate interest from certain caged species, kind of like a Rorschach test, but for animals and for a purely interest driven response. care to join me in this?

Comment by LisaJ (05/02/06 10:24:07):
Cute idea. How about sending out an email encouraging people to try this. You could ask them to report their findings right here.

I have not yet tried with my cat, but since she is mimicking me a lot i think it should be possible.