Ashley Dawkins-Garcia, Student (Studio Art)
Pet: Cat  Dog
Art and animals are the two main passions in my life. At the beginning of my life, I was really into animals and I wanted to be a zookeeper, that soon turn to zoologist, when I grow up. I spent many years watching animals shows, reading, volunteering at Fresno Cat Haven, working as a Jr. Zookeeper at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo, horse-back riding and many more. It wasn't until high school that I decided to change my major to Art. After spending many years dealing with Art, I have really missed those years I spent with interacting with animals (besides pets). So why not join a class that combines both of my passions together?


04/22/09 17:01:30 Santa Cruz Lizard Platform

05/07/09 21:19:00 Singing with the Birds
  05/10/09 16:28:33 - Postpone
  06/04/09 22:29:31 - Part of the 23 mins Video

05/11/09 17:51:25 Frog Music
  05/20/09 12:07:03 - Missing Videos and Mistake
  06/02/09 23:28:49 - Project Frog Music

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