Singing with the Birds
By Ashley Dawkins-Garcia, Cockatoo(s), Conure(s), Lovebird(s), Macaw(s), Parakeet(s), Parrot(s) and Parrotlet(s)

Started on: 05/07/09 21:19:00
Medium: Music

For this project, I want to play 6 different songs to the birds and parrots at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary. There are 3 types of songs: English, Japanese and Instrumental. Two types for each type. I want to see the reactions of birds and if they differ from each song and see if they will try to sing along or mimic some of the words or sounds.

The first time I went to the Bird Sanctuary, I was overwhelmed by bird calls, screeches, words such as 'I love you' and 'hello,' as I walked around the area. Having a project dealing with music wasn't my first idea to work with the parrots but the more I stayed and listen to them, I was so interested in what they would do if they listened to different types of music.

The songs I will be playing are:

1.Toward the Far Away -Nausicaa's Theme- by Joe Hisaishi from Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

2. Yield by Sound Horizon from Sound Horizon Elysion

3. Grace Kelly by Mika

4. Omatase Pekopon Icchou! (the 12th Ending) from Keroro Gunso

5. Take on Me by a-ha

6. A Morning of the Slag Ravine by Joe Hisaishi from Luputa: Castle in the Sky

After spending time with the animal communicator, Barbara Jenell, I learned that one can scare or push an animal away by the person's energy so I applied this concept to my music and rethought about my selection of music. Going back to my selection of music, I decided against some of the music I picked and picked others that the birds may enjoy and order them in a way that started slow and pleasant then later loud and more upbeat.

I will probably dance and sing (as much as I can) with the birds.
I will be recording and playing on my laptop on a wooden dinner table and recording and taking pictures on my camera(s). Then I will later create and edit the clips into a video.

Hopefully everything will go well and be fun.

Same singer/dancer cockatoo that also says "I love you" and dances.

The same dancing/singing cockatoo, going around in circles.

Same la la cockatoo singing.

One of cockatoo singing with me. All they were saying was "La la la LA LA LA!!"

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The singer and dancer of the group.

One of the cockatoos saying hi after playing the music.

Sound Example of Omatase Pekopon Icchou! from Keroro Gunso

Sound example of Grace Kelly

Sound example of Toward the Far Away Land -Nausicaa's Theme-

Sound example of Yield by Sound Horizon

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Project Updates
05/10/09 16:28:33 - Postpone

Due to the Jesusita Fire, this project has been postpone.

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06/04/09 22:29:31 - Part of the 23 mins Video

Here is the opening part with the two first songs from my video with the birds.

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