Frog Music
By Ashley Dawkins-Garcia and Frog(s)

Started on: 05/11/09 17:51:25
Medium: Music

This is a similar project to the 'Singing with the Birds' project.

Due to the Jesusita Fire, I went back home for the weekend in Tulare (Central Valley). Since I couldn't work with the birds I had planned to I decided to make another project and work with a different non-human animal, frogs.

In our backyard, we have a very small pond and behind us, my Mom's best friend that lives behind us has a long pond that can house many frogs and toads. During spring and summer, we have these tiny frogs that sing loudly to get each other from both backyard.

For this project, I decided to playing some instrumental and chorus music out in the backyard along with them to see if they would sing along with the music.

The first time I played, the frogs weren't sure what to do. Sometimes they would sing but you couldn't tell if they were ignoring the music or not.

But after listening to them sing, I notice they sang more and louder with songs that was louder and upbeat and had people singing it.

So I played other songs based on this observation.

First Playlist:
1. Kairi 3
2. March Caprice For Piano and Orchestra
3. Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version
4. Diva
5. Kyrie 2
6. Carrying You Chorus Version
7. Les Choristes - Vois sur ton chemin
8. finale - Kalafina

Second Playlist:
1. Interlude 02
2. Lilium -opening version-
3. Fairytale
4. Fake Wings
5. Ensei
6. Vanity
7. Toward the Far Away Land
8. Key of the Twilight

Third Playlist:
1. Cynical world
2. In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon
3. side:A
4. Stardust
5. Yield
6. Grace Kelly
7. oblivious - Fukan Fukei mix

It was interesting and fun to hear the frogs sing along.

This cockatoo started to sing when I did and after the music. He/she doesn't seem all to happy.

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First part of the second playlist. It seems like the frogs are more in tune now with the music.

The first half of the second playlist. In this one, you can really hear the frogs working with the music and only singing when the voices are loud and strong.

Second half of the first playlist. Please ignore my sneezing. If anybody is wondering what the other noises are, they are the mini waterfall that was behind me (not in the pond), the wind, some dogs, cars, and wind chimes. This one you don't have to worry about volume. This part was more interesting since you can hear the frogs sing more and they would sing more and louder when the song got louder in some parts.

Here is the first playlist with the first four songs. WARNING!!! TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN LOW WHEN YOU GET TO MARCH CAPRICE FOR PIANO AND ORCHESTRA!!! I put the volume waay too high. Sorry! It appears the frogs were unsure what to do since I just interrupted them. They later caught on and sing a little in the other 3 songs at the end. It appears they prefer voices instead of instruments and will sing louder if the song is loud.

Song: Diva Anime: BLOOD Plus

Same song, near the end

Video taped during the song Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version was playing. I was far behind the laptop.

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Comment by leonachen (05/12/09 22:20:44):
This is a very cool idea. I was thinking of doing this with the pigs at the orphanage. Maybe we can do a musical frog and pig duo!

Comment by mlifshin (05/11/09 22:57:10):
Those are some interesting sound combinations! It could be interesting to hear how the frogs sound when the music isn't playing, just to get a comparison for how the frog sounds differ. Or even if they sound different with different genres of music?

Project Updates
05/20/09 12:07:03 - Missing Videos and Mistake

I have decided to take off two of the videos up. I will update them and put them back up online.

Also, the first video that was uploaded to the site, starting with the song Ensei, is the second part of playlist 2, not the first half.

Images of waterfall/pond projection. Thanks Lisa for the images!

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06/02/09 23:28:49 - Project Frog Music

Images taken by Lisa of my pond with a blue cloth (waterfall) as a screen for the projections of my frog music videos.

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